Late night meal, 28-29 Mar 2013.  It took me nearly two hours to get back to Emeryville after the concert.  I drove directly to the freeway, but they work on repairs at night and the entrances were blocked off.  I tried again and again to follow the “detour” signs, but they kept leading to going south on the 101, which I knew was wrong, wrong, wrong.  But finally, counterintuitively, I did go that way only to find out that you had to go south to then get off and go north, but getting off also had no clear signage, so again I had to circle around and back, again and again.  

Getting back to the East Bay I realized i’d better eat something, and reluctantly headed to the only available thing: Denny’s.  I figured I’d order a salad ($1.99) and chili ($4.29): always ready to go, right?  Wrong.  I got a waiter who must have been just starting the job, and it took a full hour before I was done.  Which gave me lots of time to observe people like the couple across the way who spent the entire time, including eating, just fiddling with their mobile devices, and (apparently? perhaps?) tweeting each other while their faces were about 2 and one-half feet apart,  ”Social” media indeed.  The chili was pretty awful and kind of cold.  


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