Dinner 9 Sept 2012.  Dinner guests: Kate Mondloch, Andrea Loreto, and their son, Oliver.  

Kate brings a great corn salad (with roasted corn—great idea).  Julia does a big salmon, plus rice, green salad, veggies, roasted green beans from our garden.

Kate in an art historian who has written a book on video art and is working on a new multimedia course program at the university.

Oliver has his own e-reader and reads about three books a week.  That’s a record I couldn’t have kept up with when I was his age.  You can check out e-books from the city library, so it’s really pretty easy for avid readers to find lots of books, and I think you can do it online, so you don’t even have to make a trip to the library.

Andrea and I each had a Compari and soda, a drink I’ve not had for quite a while, and which I really discovered long ago when Julia and I were in Paris for a summer.  It was the perfect outdoor cafe drink, since they brought you a split of soda and you could nurse it all afternoon long.  It is a bit of an acquired taste, but one I really like.

Andrea has a great project, which is he’s running a micro distillery, making Calisaya, an Italian liquor that is a family tradition.  Its core ingredient is a bark from Peru, cinchona, which has quinine and was originally harvested for medicinal properties.  Julia brought some of the bark back from Peru and put it in brandy and used it as a lung-clearing medicine back when we first met.  Unfortunately, I was trying to make a special dessert for her, cherries jubilee where you heat up the cherries in a pan with sugar water and then add brandy and flame it.  I added a huge dose of what in Spanish is called “chew-chew-wasi” which immediately when up in flames, producing a cloud of burnt medicine stink and a huge mess.  Not the romantic finale I’d hoped for.

But for the good stuff: check it out:   http://www.calisaya.net


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