Dinner 14 April 2014.  We join JB and John for dinner at South China, a new place occupying what used to be a cavernous campus bar kind of place.  But no alcohol, just food.  Actually quite good, seems like an almost all Asian clientele.

Good meal and the talk goes on and on….the sign of people really enjoying each other.  Too tired to try another movie.  Off to bed.

McDonald’s 14 April 2014.  After the movie I need to check email so we had to McD’s and Julia gets a latte.

Carmike 13 movie theaters 14 April 2014.  Rainy afternoon, we head for the new multiplex to see Captain America: Winter Soldier.  I never saw the first Captain America film, but this one is about what you’d expect if you saw any of the other Marvel Comix movies.  Continuous action, spectacle.  I go to the bathroom during the only exposition dialogue in the whole movie, I think….some Nazi scientist is explaining taking over all the spy surveillance in the world and then killing off all the “bad” (read Freedom Fighting) people peremptorily.  Same old same old: vast surveillance networks, evil genius scientists who want to take over the world, massive military machine, ticking bomb plot, etc.

But the redesigned multiplex is itself kind of a spectacle: you buy your ticket and refreshments at one place together and then if you get popcorn go to the popcorn station where they fill your bag and you season it, etc.  An all digital theater for screening.  Tomorrow today.

Lunch 14 April 2014.  Jim treats us to a Thai place (Basil Thai?  Thai Basil?) for lunch.  Good stuff for warming up after the cold woods.  Jim gets a tofu and vegetable stir fry, Julia gets Beef noodle soup (very gingery, she reports) and I get the chicken noodle soup.  All good.

Busey Woods 14 April 2014.  Quiet, just a subdued moment.  Very subtle things to see: the earliest trillium plants, still water.  We get reflective too.  Julia takes the photo of water in a channel.

Panoramicing in Busey Woods  14 April 2014.

Busey Woods 14 April 2014.  It’s supposed to rain in the afternoon so we head to Busey Woods, which has a board walk through these woods, and a nature center with lots of explanatory stuff.  I really like it.  Bright, almost fluorescent green-yellow, on some flowering plants, Jim’s cap, and a yellow finch at the bird feeder.

Breakfast 14 April 2014.  We’re heading over to Jim’s and stop at McD’s.  Too late for b’fast so Julia gets me a Big Mac while I park the car.  The coffee is good.

Breakfast 14 April 2014.  We’re heading over to Jim’s and stop at McD’s.  Too late for b’fast so Julia gets me a Big Mac while I park the car.  The coffee is good.

Dinner 13 April 2014.  We head to the Hometown Buffet before seeing Noah.  Julia’s still full from brunch and gets a salad and then heads for the dessert bar.  She comes back kind of sheepish.  I get a salad and then some chicken,  More time to play with the panoramic feature.

These seem darker  than when I doctored them up.  Try clicking on them to see if that will blow them up and lighter. (It should.)

Noah was kind of silly fun as an action film.  All spectacle with some really goofy “moral” stuff thrown in.  But there were these stone Terminators who didn’t make any sense at all.  All formula, all spectacle.

Sunday brunch 13 April 2014.  We’re heading down to Urbana to see my brother.  We stop for a meal in the fourth suburbs, actually the same place we stopped last time.  Now I forget the name, maybe Michael’s, but it’s your basic Greek Coffee shop but adapted for being in a black suburb so it has a soul food menu too.  There are a couple of huge megachurches nearby.  Last time we got there just as people were coming in, but it’s Palm Sunday and it seems services are running late.

Julia gets a Denver Omelet and likes it.  I get a reuben which is pretty bad, and really stinko fries.  Lots of room to play with the pano camera.

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