B’fst 11 Sept 2014.  Fried eggs, bacon, grilled tomatoes.

Dinner.  11 Sept 2014.  Off my feed.  There are leftover seamed vegetables (nice orange and yellow carrots Julia found, and cauliflower), and I make some Mac and Cheese.  Had a real hankering for it.

Psoriasis spread.  11 Sept 2014.  Can’t quite tell if this is a bad bruise (which I don’t remember the incident) or a new outbreak of psoriasis.  Wait and see.

Lunch 11 Sept 2014.  Smoked slamon, fresh tomato, hummus, rye cracker.

B’fast with the guys 11 Sept 2014.  We’re now at the Glenwood again, the one on Willamette.  The morning light makes interesting shadow patterns through a bamboo screen.  I get the Greek omelet with bacon and cottage cheese.  Mark and Tom get into a long fascinating discussion about rock musicians and museums and commemoration via their objects.  Mark was in Seattle and saw the famous (remains) of the guitar Jimmy Hendrix played in London.  Tom is a guitar expert (has several books on rock guitars) and always has interesting stories.

9/11.  Saw this a few years ago, saved it for this day.  I sent it to some friends with the title “Memory in a Neoliberal Era.”

I’m always wary of doing stuff with 9/11 because you never know really when someone might still be personally affected by the events.  But I’m not trying to mock the commemoration, which is totally reasonable and understandable as a public concern.  Rather it is about the extremely limited range of expression that’s often used.  Heartfelt is often clichéd, which is seen in most greeting cards.  In this case someone at Marrriott (local? corporate HQ?) thought of this.  It is set during the fateful half hour of the two planes hitting the WTC and the collapse of the first tower.  

But although the Supreme Court says that corporations are people, this is the best a corporation can do: a hotel chain pitched at service gives you a mini-muffin.  There was (still is, but inactive) a blog site that was something like “Hot chicks at Ground Zero” that was group photos of young women visiting the tourist site of the Millennium years when the site was being reconstructed after the attack.  Being well conditioned to smile and pose for a group photo, they smile and gesture (pretty modestly, actually) but the gap between one conventional expectation (this is a site of morning and reflection) and another (smile broadly for a group picture with your friends) creates an ironic juxtaposition.  The young folks aren’t bad, they’re just not thinking about how others will read the image.  As a media educator, that was one of the important early lessons for aspiring artists and makers.

Anyway, some folks wrote back about the Marriott thing.  I thought the best one remarked that we’ve come from memory being associated with Proust’s petite madeleine producing a profound revery to this corporate mini-muffin,

Lunch 10 Sept 2014.  Got this “pretzel roll” at Safeway….denser than any of their other rolls, but still not great.  Did a cheese sandwich with lots of lettuce.

Lunch 10 Sept 2014.  Got this “pretzel roll” at Safeway….denser than any of their other rolls, but still not great.  Did a cheese sandwich with lots of lettuce.

Snack 10 Sept 2014.  Nice Asian pear from Patricia’s trees.  Had to cut away at a little thing inside, but otherwise very nice: fresh!

B’fast 10 Sept 2011. HB eggs, ham, tomato, Korean radish salad.  This egg cracked in the boiling and ended up spilling some into the pot.  The dimple resulted.  Also, I toasted the remaining donut, and it actually tasted better.

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