Lunch 19 July 2014.  Cold chicken thigh.

Amazon pool 19 July 2014.  Spot the lifeguard (x3) in the middle panorama.

B”fast 19 July 2014.  HB egg on wheat toast, lite mayo.

Dinner 18 July 2014.  Chicken thighs, roasted.  Skin and bone remnants.

Lunch 18 July 2014.  Cold sweet corn.

Lunch 18 July 2014.  Cold sweet corn.

B’fast 18 July 2014.  Bacon, fried eggs, dill pickle.  Just the basics.

Dinner 17 July 2014.  Grab and go.  Cold albacore and baby boo choi while still trying to catch up on the later new.

Lunch  17 July 2014.  At the Willamelane pool you could see huge clouds of dark smoke from a mill fire late in txhe afternoon.  I grabbed some Jimmy Johns unwiches and pickle and chips and tried to catch the local news on TV.  Not much in the dinnertime edition.

B’fast 17 July 2014.  Shredded wheat and peaches.  Actually the peaches were pretty tasteless.  But the roses were pretty.

Dinner 16 July 2014.  Re-did the grilled vegetables into a salad with  beans and such.  Nice.

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